Kultiv8 Studios was born out of a dream to build and provide a safe, friendly, judgment-free dance space for persons of all ages and walks of life! Located in the heart of East Harlem, New York City, Kultiv8 Studios is a beautiful, customizable, multi-level dance studio and event rental space equipped to host all occasions. It’s a social and entertainment venue that serves our community and beyond. 

The studio serves persons with diverse interests and backgrounds in all stages of their artistic path. Artists of all ages may practice, learn and teach their craft. We support the amplification of diverse artistic expression and are especially interested in supporting young artists in their development as performers, choreographers, videographers, actors, etc.  

The three partners that make up Kultiv8 Studios have varying interests in the Performing and Creative Arts, which as a whole encompass the meaning of Kultiv8.  

Two thirds of the team have been performers, teachers and directors with a deep interest in guiding/teaching/mentoring aspiring and developing professionals.  The third team member is passionate about the business aspect of dance and dance spaces; bringing a practical approach to financial management of entertainment/performing arts/event spaces.